Eichler’s Pesach Campaign

Pesach time is a busy shopping session for everyone—and it’s the time when everyone is advertising and promoting their new products or services. That’s why our team knew that we needed to create something bold and unique so Eichler’s would stand out and portray the high standards they pride themselves with.

The Idea

From the very beginning we knew that to achieve the unique feel that is integral to the Eichler’s experience, we would do a custom photo shoot showcasing a father and son. We wanted to capture the happy moments that people experience when shopping at Eichler’s.

The Process

Let’s get right into things! We’ll walk you through all the steps we took to create the final results, starting with our search for the perfect models for the photo shoot and continuing with the ad design and layout. Enjoy the journey!

Models Search

Finding the right models for a photo shoot can be very challenging. Our team interviewed numerous candidates. The experience was exhausting but satisfying, and we even got to know lots of great people!

Scene Setup

Setting up a photo shoot is a huge task which involves a lot of planning. We put thought into every detail like the products to display, the positions of the models, and their facial expressions.


Since we don’t settle for less than the best, and we knew that the photography in this ad would be the key factor in its success, we turned to Sruly Rosenberg, who we knew would get the job done with the quality and perfection we were looking for. Sure enough, the results were amazing!


Last but not least, we got to work on the design and layout. Our main goal was to have headlines that would be large and eye-catching but would not detract from the image. We wanted the image to be the main focus that would set the happy, loving mood. To this end, we made the text very large yet in a light, subtle color so it wouldn’t grab so much attention. We also hid the text in back of the image to bring the image to the foreground of the ad.

The Results

The results? How about head over to Eichler’s mega Judaica store in Boro Park and see the results for yourself! Oh, and while you’re there, you can also check out their amazing customer service and shopping experience:)