Spark Fire Solutions Branding

Spark Fire Solutions is a full-service fully insured fire extinguisher service and sales provider, their service ranges from sales, services, installation, violations removal, refilling and just about anything in your fire and safety needs.

The Challenge

In crafting a visual branding for Spark, we were challenged with a product and service that people don’t want, yet it is needed and important. Fire extinguishers save lives and can help save financial loss; however, people still don’t want it and are doing it just because they are legally required.

With that in mind, we wanted to focus on something more than safety or helping in unfortunate situations; we tried to engage in people’s everyday life and how Spark can help them every day!

The Solution

Our solution was to explore and find the perfect balance of how we can connect with the consumer’s emotions and focus on how we can help the customers daily.

We started by exploring the fire extinguisher and find the most crucial element that consumers and legal agencies alike will care about; our answer was the tag, the tag on a fire extinguisher identified the safety of the extinguisher when the last inspection was, etc.

The Spark

When it comes to fire extinguishers, the tag is your main concern. That tag shows if your fire protection is up-to-code, updated, and covered by the inspection.

So that’s where our logo starts.

Combining the iconic shape of fire extinguishers with the outline of a tag, we created a logo that neatly fuses our customer’s priority: safe products and valid tags.